QF : Sobhy 3-1 Hany

QF : [4] Amanda Sobhy (Usa) 3-1 [8] Salma Hany (Egy)      9-11, 11-7, 11-2, 11-6 (48m)

Well those two played in the last BlackBall event, and the result was uncanny similar, 10-12 11-7, 11-2, 11-7 in 45m!

Salma again tried very hard throughout, after taking a superb start, 7/2, 8/5, 10/6, before Amanda started settling in the game, only bowing 11/9 in 16m, that’s a very long game for the American lady, as we know she likes to win fast.

From that point on, Amanda was planted on the T, and never let Salma pass in front of her again. And the Egyptian kept having to cover an awful lot of ground, especially as she opened the court maybe a bit too much at time for her so dangerous at the front opponent.

A very good effort from CIB Glamour Hany but it’s Amanda that will meet with Nouran in the semis…

Amanda : “She came out firing in the first game and caught me a little off guard.

“I wasn’t finding my targets, so she was capitalising in the middle of the court and really blocking me out of position and hitting winners, she is really talented. Once I started finding my length and settling it down, I think it was a bit up and down and a lot of stop-starting but it worked in my favour as it allowed me to settle a bit more. Once I started to slow down the pace and take a few deep breaths in between points then I started to find my rhythm and groove.

“It was tough. I think it was a battle of the middle of the court and we were both trying to look to get in front of each other, so that was maybe why there was a bit more interference than I would have liked but it’s the nature of the game and once you’re on there, you’re going to do what you can to try and get in front and win points. I knew I had to keep that pressure up.

“I’m excited, this is my second semi-final here. I’m looking forward to another battle and I know that Nouran is a tough competitor, so I’m going to focus on the recover, enjoy my rest day and then it’s another battle.

“I will chat with my coach about tactics and have a plan in place and trust in my game. I’ve put in the work and I feel like I’m ready for it.”