Mohamed Elkeiy opens up about Mostafa Asal

Fram chats with old friend Mohamed Elkeiy, based in Alexandria, about his new role at the side of the tumultuous young Egyptian.

Elkeiy : It was a very positive week from my point of view, and also for Mostafa.

My work with him this week was trying to let him look better on court, making less mistakes he was doing previously with his movement. Also, we chose different tactics he could play and use to avoid traffic issues.

This week, he didn’t repeat the behaviour on court he used to have on his previous events, and he was performing really well, acting really well on court for the past week. Maybe a few mistakes during the match with ElShorbagy. We talked about it, and he admitted the mistakes, we will be working on it.

Yesterday’s match took a lot of Mostafa. He lost a lot of energy, 3/2, was a very long match, and his legs were tired. Ali was a bit fresher, he didn’t play as much squash as Mostafa did, that affected his physicality as well, not to mention that Ali’s game is based on making his opponent move a lot, and that, today, Mostafa couldn’t do it consistently enough.