Mostafa Asal apologises to PSA

After receiving his runner-up trophy, Mostafa Asal’s little speech:

I want to congratulate Ali for an amazing month and a half. Coming back from injury to reach the World number one, for sure he made a fantastic effort, and I want to congratulate him for reaching the world number one spot again, he really deserves it, he is the best player on tour right now.

Yesterday’s match was really tough on me, but the main thing is we got the tournament under the Egyptian flag. This is the main reason we are fighting for.

This week was very tough for me, from my first match, 3/2, 3/2. I’m so happy with my performance after the suspension. I’m getting better, feeling better squash.

I want to say sorry to the PSA for all the problems I caused in the last two seasons. But I’m happy I’m changing for the good, and I’m looking forward to keeping my momentum on.