QF: Tesni still punching but it’s Hania 3-0

[3] Hania El Hammamy (Egy) 3-0 Tesni Evans (Wal)  11-8, 11-5, 11-4 (33m)

Well, I wouldn’t say that Tesni was a fresh as a Welsh Rose at the end of the match but she definitely handled the conditions better than the two previous challengers. I guess – and that’s no offence to my Tes to say she doesn’t play exactly the same squash/tactic.

Very pleasant match indeed, between two players that respect each other truly. Fluid and lovely match to watch, and Hania will be delighted to close the match in three.

Hania : Always great to win quickly, I often have a lot of three-twos !

It’s amazing playing in Egypt. It is great for having the juniors to come and root for us Egyptians. It definitely gives us a huge motivation and a huge boost.

It’s tough with the conditions, here  I think being fit physically definitely helps you in these conditions.”

Tesni : When we got on court, Hania went “it’s a bit warm tonight isn’t it?”…..

I thought I didn’t play too badly tonight, I played alright. It’s been a good week, and I think I was playing the right way, maybe not executing it well enough but to be fair, Hania was just too good tonight.

Everybody’s been saying it tonight, it’s pretty brutal conditions out there, she dealt with it very well, and I felt I was under pressure the whole time. Execute my game plan under that kind of pressure was quite hard but all credit to Hania, too good.

I have been working with Alison Waters for over a year now, I feel that the training is good, then I’m going on tournaments, and I feel I haven’t put it together properly. But this week, I felt I’ve put it together quite nicely in terms of things we’ve been working on I can see them coming in.

I physically feel better as well, which is something we’ve really worked on, I think it’s really a positive signs that I can finish the season like this and have a really good summer now, build on all that stuff and be ready for the next season come September.