R2: Rowan 3-0 Enora

[7] Rowan Elaraby (Egy) 3-0 Enora Villard (Fra) 11-6, 11-3, 11-6 (31m)


It might be the last tournament of the season, I feel I’m not playing under any pressure. The season has been rather hard for me, I’m trying to enjoy this event and give it my all to see how it goes.

I had health issues in the second part of the season, also I changed coach this season, it was a bit tricky mid season, I’m now coached by Karim Darwish and Engy Kheirallah.

It was time for me to go up and explore my options by myself. I think Sport is about exploring, trying new things, going up. And that’s why I’ve tried to do, even if I was playing well, mentally I wasn’t in a good place.

My main goal was not to win but to be happy with my sport and myself. I know it was what was good for me.

I’m playing Nele, we already played once this season, I think it’s a match I won. I’ll have a game plan ready, I’m going to work with Engy on it. But as I said, no pressure, and I’ll see how it goes.