R3: Gina finds her shots against Dangerous Yathreb

[8] Gina Kennedy (Eng) 3-1 Yathreb Adel (Egy)  7-11, 11-7, 11-3, 11-4 (36m)

Very close to get a 7, 7, 7, 7m in the match, as only the first game was 8m…

“I just couldn’t read her shots at all” confessed a very relieved Gina at the end of the match. The Egyptian, playing at the best today, was in control of the game in the opener, 10/6 11/7.

The next game was closer than the score suggests it, nothing between them until 6/6. A physical huge push from the English lady – coached by England Shorbagy who was happy with her front game today – and it’s 11/7, very high quality game.

“It was neck to neck until 2/2 when she unfortunately fell and twisted her ankle” notes Gina. The game was pretty tight it’s true, but at 2/2, Yathreb seemed to hurt her left foot – already bandaged. She never was mentally in the rest of the game, worried and let the points run away from her, 11/3 to Gina.

Yathreb asked for the physio, who probably told her the ankle was fine but “I guess she didn’t trust it” confirms the English. 6/1 to Gina in the 4th, a few points from the Egyptian, finding some lovely long drop shots, 3/6. But the English short game is lethal today, cold conditions, finding lovely shots after some long rallies. The game is quickly over 11/7.

Gina : It’s funny, because I never really liked dead courts, and I always think it doesn’t suit my game. If you strength is retrieving, physically, on a dead court, you’re going to have trouble. I guess I need more belief in myself…

Yathreb, I never played her, her shots, just incredible. I honestly couldn’t read what she was doing.

Unfortunately at 2/2 in the third, she slipped and her movement completely went. I really hope she is ok because as I told her at the end, it was neck to neck until that point. That’s lucky for me because I was really struggling and couldn’t read her.

Until Olivia Fiechter pulled out, I was meant to meet Nouran in the second round on those courts, and I thought I was going to be penalised as like I mentioned, I don’t feel comfortable on dead courts.

So I’m going to stick in against Nouran but on the Glass! Belief is the main thing, I played her a few times, I know what to expect. The thing with Nouran is that she quickly finds her perfect length on any court, in any condition and you are under constant pressure.

But I improved a lot this season, I’m doing better recently, today for example, I’ve got caught up in thinking oh my God, Yathreb, she’s got so many shots, it’s not the way I’ve been playing recently, so not to happy about today.

I want to play against those players, and ultimately, one day, I want to beat them, so will give it my all…