QF: Nouran contains Gina 3-0

[1] Nouran Gohar (Egy) 3-0 [8] Georgina Kennedy (Eng)  11-8, 11-2, 11-5 (37m)

It was the English girl first time in Gouna. We forget how tough it is. We come here for 12 years, so, we are used to it. And we forget how INCREDIBLY HARD the conditions are for the non Egyptians (and the Egyptians too by the way).

I am a firm believer in Gina’s future in squash. She has the determination, physical abilities, she is working very hard on her skills and she’s got a heart of gold. Lot of time for Gina I have.

And today, she didn’t disappoint me. From the first rally, she went for her opponent’s throat and never got discouraged. And I truly believe that Nouran, to beat Gina today, had to bring her A+ game.

Yes, you are looking at the score and thinking, what is Fram all about? It was tough out there, trust me. Nouran was moving like a dream today, and she had to! Gina was firing in all corners, tight squash, finding her targets. Nouran had to work extremely hard to keep the English under her racquet.

Even if the second is tough score-wise, it’s was still 8m, for only scoring 2 points. Hard rallies. Extremely fast pace. Incredible athleticism from both girls.

I guess the first game was the closest, and where Gina really made her mark. Although running after the score, she was never out of reach, 3-0 4-1 7-3 9-5. She clawed back to 7/9, and saved a game ball. A great battle that was. And it was still up in the air in the 3rd, I knew it when I saw Nouran’s mum praying with her eyes closed during the rallies. That is the best compliment ever to Gina’s talent.

Yes, in that 5th, it was really neck to neck, 4/4, 4/4, 5/5, but from 4/5, Nouran closed the match, 7 points, 11/5, in a 12m HOT HOT HOT battle.

Gina  : I found the conditions so tough, my mouth literally is so dry, I can honestly say I never ever felt like that in my life, my legs are gone, nothing. I never felt so heavy in my life, it was horrendous.

She is simply too good. People will say yes, you can do this do that tactically, but if you just experience being on court with her, it’s the accuracy, I don’t know where you get your openings from, then you force it!

I think she is underrated for her speed into the front corners. People talk about Hania’s athleticism which is true, she is an unbelievable athlete, but Nouran is quite good! And you don’t expect it maybe.

Simply too good.


Nouran :Firstly, I want to say how much respect I have for Gina. She is such an unbelievable athlete.

“It’s special because we grew up playing the British Junior Open together, it’s a pleasure seeing how she has improved. It is always a clean match against her, and I have so much respect for her. It was great to be competing against her today.

We were 11-years-old when we started knowing each other. She wasn’t that physical then! She has improved her squash, her physicality, everything really and it is impressive. She is a hard worker, wanting to improve, and I try to do this myself. She’s also very nice off court as well so it is a pleasure to have a competitor like her.

I was actually thinking a few days ago whether it was because I have moved to the US where it is cooler, maybe I am not used to the Egyptian conditions anymore. Honestly, this year it is hot but usually I enjoy hot weather, bouncy courts and physic matches. It’sd not too bad. I knew it was going to be tough, especially at the beginning. She is one of the fittest on Tour.”