R3: Salma 3/0 against dangerous Nada

Salma Hany (Egy) 3-0 Nada Abbas (Egy)  11-9, 11-7, 11-2 (44m)

The first game was the most interesting and close of the three. At 9/9, it was anybody, and probably we would had one completely different match had Nada won it – Nada actually beat Salma 3/1 in the Richmond Open a few weeks ago. Squash is such a mental game is a joke, would say James Willstrop.

But it was Salma who clinched the opener, 11-9 in 15 very long minutes. And if Nada was still in the match, I felt that Salma was getting more and more confident in her squash, in her body, as the rallies went on. From 2/2 to 6-2, 10/5 and 11/7, 14m, as you can see, still a lot of work produced by both girls.

The third is a bit onesided, not that Nada didn’t try, but Salma, supported by a bunch of kids that was screaming her name between rallies, was just comfortable and completely in control: 5/1 and 11/2, but still 9m long… Like I said, it’s not like Nada didn’t try….

To be noted, not a single error from Salma in the second and third…


“I knew I had a tough competitor today, we played a couple of weeks ago and she absolutely destroyed me.

“I was up for a fight and I wasn’t going to let her win this one easily. It’s been an amazing week and I wasn’t ready to go home yet. I’m glad I get to play another one here on the glass.

“It felt amazing today, I have my coach with me and my brother came all the way from Alexandria to be here today.

“I have a lot of respect for Nele. She’s been improving and has been playing really well towards the end of the season. She had a really good win today against Rowan. I know that she is chilling somewhere watching me, but I made sure I finished this one as fast as I could so I can be fresh for her.”