QF : Gohar 3-1 Elaraby

QF : [2] Nouran Gohar (Egy) 3-1 [9/16] Rowan Elaraby (Egy)          11-2, 11-5, 11-13, 11-9 (46m)

Nouran holds off Rowan comeback

A match of two halves really, as so often in squash.

First two games, Rowan was struggling to adapt I feel from the traditional court where she played extremely well, and she was disheartened as Nouran was literally on fire. 6 and 7m for those two games..

By the third, Rowan is more reactive to the court conditions, sees the ball better and that probably coincides with the Terminator slowing down just a bit. And that’s enough for Rowan to rush into the opening in the Terminator Armour.

Nothing between the players for that third, Nouran gets her first match ball from 9/9 10/9, but Rowan, fighting tooth and nail will manage to close the game 13/11 on her 2nd attempt. High percentage of winners for that one, 11 Rowan, 9 Nouran, 13m.

The fourth is one that Rowan will regret not clinching as she was up and comfortable 5/1, only to see her lead melting like snow in Gouna, 6/3, 8/5, 8/8. Some intense rallies, it’s anybody’s really, but Nouran will not be stopped, scoring 5 points in a row, second match ball, 10/8. The third will be the good one, and it’s another 13m game, 11/9, Nouran through.

Nouran : In the first two games I was playing really well.

I felt good on court, was moving well and my targets were hit. I guess I had a drop in concentration a little bit in the third, but all credit to her, she took advantage. She played her A game, so to come back and try and attack against her when she is playing that well is difficult but I’m just glad I was able to take it at the end.

It turns into more of a mental battle, but then you have to find your tactics, adapt and not play the same way you were playing. I just tried to change my tactics, relax a bit and make sure my shots go where I want them to go and just keep pushing.