Thanks for the Splits

What a difference a split first round makes!!!

This one is to thank our blessed Amr Mansi and Omar Sherbini for their great idea of 2019: a split first round.

I can safely say this is the first time EVER I get to enjoy the start of El Gouna fully. Normally we had like 8 sessions of 4 matches (qualifying plus qualifying finals) then a first round full blast. Which meant that would be absolutely dead flat on day three!!!

But this year, none of that. The organisers had the great initiative to make our life so much easier. We still have 4 matches at the time but only for 4 sessions. So at 5.30, we had finished the day!


A special thank to my regular Angel, Sean Reuthe and our newest Angel, Matt Soles, who are working flat out to get quotes from all the players, allowing me to talk with some of the non winners and be under less pressure. That makes a huge difference too…


Had a lovely salad prepared by our Magical Hoda Samaya, who manages the food at the centre and also the Club House DownTown. She makes our day with her smile, her kindness and her perfect teas all day long!

Took a lovely tuktuk back to Ancient Sands, worked a bit, collapsed 45m of a well deserved snoring, zooom another tuktuk back to Moods, our food sponsors…


But if the previous years it was pretty warm, this year, for the first time ever, we needed heaters and blankets!!!! So weird this weather is at night this time round.

Back we walked to the Hotel, lovely walk as no heavy bag on my shoulder, test the EyeRacquet Shoes – perfect for walking on non levelled roads, perfect end of a perfect evening.


What a difference a split first round makes…