R1 : Cardenas 3-0 Brownell, Lobban 3-1 Hammamy, Rooney 3-0 Parker, Dussourd 3-1 Zacharia

The first set of men’s matches all went to seeding, although Scotland’s Greg Lobban and France’s Auguste Dussourd were both stretched by their Egyptian opponents. Patrick Rooney repeated his Manchester win over fellow-Englishman George Parker, and Mexico’s Leonel Cardenas recorded a rare (for him) three-nil win.

Leonel Cardenas (Mex) 3-0 Timothy Brownell (Usa) 11-4, 20-18, 11-8 (41m)
Greg Lobban (Sco) 3-1 Karim El Hammamy (Egy)  11-5, 7-11, 11-4, 11-3 (57m)
Patrick Rooney (Eng) 3-0 George Parker (Eng) 11-0, 11-6, 11-6 (31m)
Auguste Dussourd (Fra) 3-1 [wc] Mohamad Zakaria (Egy) 6-11, 11-5, 11-5, 11-5 (43m)

Leonel Cardenas (Mex) 3-0 Timothy Brownell (Usa) 11-4, 20-18, 11-8 (41m)

Patrick Rooney (Eng) 3-0 George Parker (Eng) 11-0, 11-6, 11-6 (31m)

Patrick : Yes, Fram, it’s unusual for me not to make any errors I agree! No, I’m not THAT good!

George had a very slow start, I think I was 6/0 up before he really started to play properly to be honest. Like I said, I usually make errors, but in that game, everything was coming off, I was attacking a lot, I was very positive.

I am a good mate to George, I got to 10/0 and I thought, do I do it or do I not. I think there is more respect doing it than not doing it. If I was in that position, I wouldn’t want being given a point. So I treated him with respect and tried my best at all times. And I think I played well towards the end.
Then he woke up, the intensity got higher, he started to volley a bit more which he is good at but I guess he caught me on a very good day.

We played three times in the last month, I won 3/1 the previous two times, and today I feel I played the best of three by far. Most things were coming off as I said, It was a good day, a good movement day, a good shot day, a good mental day. Just a good day….

I think that if I play like that I have my chances against Tarek. If I get on positive, move well, hit my shots well, I think I could beat him. I’ve got close to him – ish – in Canary Wharf, so I don’ t need to be too afraid when I get on there, there is no pressure on me so yes, I think tomorrow is the day I could create an upset.

Auguste Dussourd (Fra) 3-1 [wc] Mohamad Zakaria (Egy) 6-11, 11-5, 11-5, 11-5 (43m)

Not sure those two will spend their summer break together after their first ever battle… a few discussions with the ref about movement – both of them not happy with the other one – but nothing major. Still, you could see how HUNGRY Zacharia is.

A good mental recovery from Auguste from the second onwards, but remember the name, Zacharia, you will hear it again many, many times…

Zacharia : I was not squash out today, I think I could have won this match.

I started the first game very well, I gave him the message in the first but I couldn’t compete at the end. I started focusing on what he was doing on court and lost a bit of focus. I took it as a challenge then.

I feel I could have won it, but he’s got great shots, he is the better player, that’s why he is to 25, but I’ll get him next time.

Auguste : I arrived here with doubts, on my first practice, I felt some niggle in my knee, the knee didn’t feel solid, I was on the phone with my physio in France as the Egyptian physio here was struggling to make a strapping. So, a bit of fuzzy “before match”.

And when you are playing a young Egyptian in Egypt, they are so dangerous, they are so good so young, and I knew he was going to give it all. At the start of the match, he leads 2/0 and I got 2 Yalla and 2 close fists, so I knew he was up for it!

I lost the first game, credit to him even if I’m not 100% all there yet, mentally, physically, my intentions are not strong enough. Against a hungry player like that, it’s just not good enough!

I have to thank Victor Crouin who came to see me, told me to go back to basics, gave me my confidence back, and having a support behind the court makes a difference.

I won the next three 5, so I think I handled the rest of the match rather well.

I’m playing the winner of Eleinen/Serme, based on the recent form, it could be Eleinen. A strong and talented player, plays top 15 level after one year on the tour after Uni, very fast on the court, very physical and technical, he is an “ultra complete player”, he really impressed me when he played Mazen, Victor, I am impressed with his progression, but I am training for those matches…


Leonel Cardenas (Mex) 3-0 Timothy Brownell (Usa) 11-4, 20-18, 11-8 (41m)

Leonel : “I feel great. I think my game suits the court – he made a few errors at the end of the games and I could get the win.

“We were both taking good decisions in the front and it was a good win for anyone. I felt I handled the match with a bit more experience and patience.

“I knew it was an important game (the second). If I got that game then I felt like I could get the match in three. But I knew that game would be tight.

“I think the 3-0 win is important going into this. I’ve been playing five games in all my other matches in tournaments, so I always get a bit tired come the second round. Now I feel like I’m, ready for it.”